FLEXI-BAR® Standard

The FLEXI-BAR® Standard is the FLEXI-BAR® that does it all. Equally suitable for beginners and advanced users of all ages young or old. It is ideal for both fitness as well as physical rehabilitation. 96% of our customers choose this option. In comparison to the INTENSIVE or ATHLETIC FLEXI-BAR® tools, the Standard is distinguished by the harmonic nature of its vibrations. For this reason, the Standard is the tool of choice for targeting the deep musculature of the back, pelvic floor and core muscles.

The FLEXI-BAR® Standard is the first piece of sports equipment to have ever earned the distinctive AGR Seal of Approval as a training device for back therapy and exercise. While the FLEXI-BAR® Standard can be used by itself for therapeutic and preventive purposes, it can be also used to supplement any other athletic or sports training activity because it improves balance, stability, strength, endurance and coordination.
Whether at home or in the office, or whether beginner or advanced – only 3 ten-minute workouts per week are enough to give you a completely new feeling of physical well-being, while also comprising an effective workout.

Before long, you’ll have a brand-new feeling of physical well-being with visible results including:

  • Improved posture
  • Fat-burning
  • Strengthens connective tissue
  • Body Styling
  • Improved muscle definition
  • Proprioceptive therapy for neck and back pain
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • Adjustment of muscular imbalances
  • Can be used to supplement postpartum workout plans.

This "magic wand" is an unbeatable and easy-to-use device for body sculpting and toning as well as improving your posture. It is also a unique therapeutic tool for addressing spinal and joint disorders.
These include, among others:

  • Chronic tension in the shoulders and neck
  • Problems in the lumbar spine and hip areas
  • Osteoarthritis - shoulder / hips / vertebral joints

The following programs were developed for use with the STANDARD:
Yoga für Zuhause mit FLEXI-BAR®
Pilates für Zuhause mit FLEXI-BAR®
FLEXI-BAR® DVD - Rücken Fit
FLEXI-BAR® DVD  -3D Golfpower  Exercising
FLEXI-BAR® DVD - Bauch Beine Po
FLEXI-BAR® DVD - Yoga und Pilates
FLEXI-BAR®  DVD - Beckenbodentraining