Company Profile

The Parent Company FLEXI-SPORTS® GmbH
FLEXI-SPORTS® GmbH is a trading, production and service company based in Munich with a staff of approximately 20 people, 45 partners and more than 20 exclusive importers worldwide. FLEXI-SPORTS® is known for its innovative and intelligent sports equipment.
FLEXI-SPORTS® today has become a successful sports equipment and education business. The development of the two main products FLEXI-BAR and XCO® has been acclaimed with great international publicity.

The Philosophy of FLEXI-SPORTS®
FLEXI-SPORTS® prides itself on its excellent and intelligent sporting equipment and training. The highly sought after FLEXI-TEAM paid special attention to biomechanics and functionality of their products and training. Their incredible attention to detail has made FLEXI-SPORTS® so successful. Every product is known for its quality and durability. Their educational training programs have received the highest acclaims for credibility and innovation.
The Company displays a passion for Sport and Lifestyle-Therapy and a foresight for trends and innovation. Its products feature uncompromising quality, matched with safe and effective education programs that are based on sound biomechanical principles.  For over 10 years, FLEXI-SPORTS® has influenced the market in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle concerning fitness and small sports equipment.

The fields of activity of FLEXI-SPORTS®
• Research and development into biomechanics and educational training
• Production and distribution of intelligent sports equipment
• Education in the fields of sports, biomechanics and physical fitness
• Sales and marketing of sportswear

Marketing of the fitness equipment
Each year, our training academy, PERFORM SPORTS®, uses experienced coaches to train more than 1,000 trainers in the use of sports and physio-tools. PERFORM SPORTS® also develops its own training programs produced in cooperation with FLEXI-SPORTS® as teaching and training DVD's and books.

FLEXI-SPORTS® presents its products at conventions and trade shows worldwide. The two managing directors, Barbara Klein and Andreas Sasse also have their own TV shows in Europe to help promote and educate large audiences on the benefits of the products.