Improve your posture

Improved posture is one of the big pluses of the FLEXI-BAR, and one of the most quickly attained. Hardly any other training device is as able as the FLEXI-BAR to specifically address those muscle groups responsible for a straight and healthy posture.

This is mainly due to the fact that the muscles that pull the shoulder belt down, such as the ascending part of the trapezius muscle, are practically impossible to reach with conventional devices.

This in turn explains why athletes - even competitive athletes – can have bad posture and back pain. The muscles under the shoulder blades as well as the muscles between the shoulder blades respond quickly to conditioning. If the strength endurance capacity of these muscles is increased, they will counteract a bad posture typical to stressful situations.

At the same time it is important to strengthen the muscles of the cervical spine, which tense up in order to compensate for the weight of a 6-kg/13-lb head.

Various exercises with the FLEXI-BAR can also strengthen the rotator cuffs of the shoulder joints. The external rotators of the shoulder are usually not taken into account at all or enough with other training devices, which favor an internal rotational position of the shoulder. This can then lead to a rounded shoulder posture (slouching).

Another important point of address for a good posture is firm abdominal muscles. The internal oblique abdominal muscles in particular favor a flat stomach and have a positive effect on the pelvic position.