The FLEXI-BAR™ Standard is the FLEXI-BAR™ that does it all. 96% of our customers choose this option due to the fact that it is equally suitable for beginners or advanced, young or old and is ideal for both fitness and physical rehabilitation. In comparison to the INTENSIVE or ATHLETIC Flexi-Bar™ tools, the Standard is distinguished by the harmonic nature of its vibrations. For this reason, the Standard is the tool of choice for targeting the deep musculature of the back, pelvic floor and core muscles.

The FLEXI-BAR™ Intensive burns fat more rapidly than the STANDARD. When it comes to working the muscles of the back, pelvic floor or for physical rehabilitation purposes, we recommend the STANDARD. However, for individuals who are overweight or of strong stature, we recommend the FLEXI-BAR™ Intensive.

With the FLEXI-BAR™ Athletic, your workout will target and improve endurance or resistance levels, stimulate your deep muscle tissue and provide you with a real challenge. The FLEXI-BAR™ Athletic is ideal for strength training and for competitive athletes.

The FLEXI-BAR™ Kids improves coordination, a sense of balance and good posture, while simultaneously gently strengthening the muscles, which are all important physical skills to develop, especially in children.
Tip: The FLEXI-BAR™ Kids is also ideal for seniors, for whom the length and relative strength of the FLEXI-BAR™ STANDARD’s vibrations may present too much of a challenge.

Decide for yourself which version of the FLEXI-BAR™ is best for you!