Problems of the spine

If the cause of your spinal problems is muscular, rather than organic or psychological in origin, then FLEXI-BAR Training is the ideal solution!

Well-known experts of the AGR, including

  • Prof. Dr. Schmitt
  • Dr. Reichart
  • Ulrich Kuhnt
  • Dr. Breithecker

as well as some of Germany’s leading physiotherapists, such as

  • Mark Gunsch, Head of the Therapeutic Division of the Spine Center in Taufkirchen
  • Patrick Gemmeke, Physiotherapist of the German Swimming Federation
  • Oliver Schmidtlein of OSPHYSIO & former Physiotherapist of the FCB and the DFB
  • Jan Knoblauch, Physiotherapist of the National Handball Team

and many others collaborate with and support our ideas and programs.

In particular, the DVD Back & Beauty or exercises #1, 2, 6, 17, 18, 19 and 21 of the training plan specifically address the topic of back problems. The interaction of the DEEP MUSCLE tissue (see 3) and the CORE MUSCLES (see 4) is the secret behind the magical effects of this “wand”. Regular exercise with the FLEXI-BAR builds up these muscles, stabilizes the deep musculature and can thus also relieve chronic muscle tension. Particularly in the areas of the cervical and lumbar spine, the superficial muscles tend to be tense and require an improved blood flow to break through the vicious cycle of pain.



Because the AGR experts agreed that moveable end pieces would be not only completely unnecessary but also confusing and difficult to adjust, we have chosen to keep them stationary. In particular, customers at home, but also group fitness instructors and participants attest to the FLEXI-BAR’s ease of handling.