Production Method

In cooperation with the Technical University of Munich in a very complex process the FLEXI-BAR™ has been subjected to a long-term test.

Results of the test:
The FLEXI-BAR™ is characterized by its accurate oscillating behaviour and high resilience.

The FLEXI-BAR™ is composed of high-quality materials. The bar itself is made of a proprietary fibreglass blend. The grip and both end weights are made of polyurethane and are attached directly to the rod with foam adhesive. In contrast to grips and end weights made of rubber, polyurethane is hypoallergenic, resistant to perspiration and does not stain clothing or hands. The bar is made of fibreglass – a reinforced synthetic material which has been specially developed in a specific ratio of ingredients to allow for the exact oscillatory effect. Should the bar be slammed against a hard surface or swung too hard, splintering could occur on its surface. Because the grips and end weights are very securely attached to the bar, they will not slip or detach from the bar.

The FLEXI-BAR™ does not have any removable parts and cannot be disassembled. Its precise oscillatory properties and peak load capacities can only be achieved with the FLEXI-BAR™, as it consists of a single unit.

What makes the production method so unique?
• New elaborate foaming method
• No allergies to rubber or latex due to the material
• No allergic irritation from rubber
• No discoloration due to perspiration
• Resistant to sunlight and fats (e.g. hand cream)