Right Swinging


How to hold the FLEXI-BAR™: hold the FLEXI-BAR™ in the middle, with either one or both hands (depending on the exercise). The wrists should be in a neutral position. In order to protect the finger joints, place the handle into the hand rather than holding it with your fingers. It is important to maintain a loose grip on the handle.

Start the swing/swinging: Start oscillating the FLEXI-BAR™ with a small movement of the hand (in the direction of extension of the forearm). After that, the vibrations of the FLEXI-BAR™ are maintained by a series of short pulses (similar to the rhythmic motions of swinging on a swing, where the timing of the motion is also crucial to keeping the swing going).

The more rigid you can hold your arm to transfer the vibrations, the greater the amplitude and the greater the intensity of the workout. The length of each sweep depends on the relative strength, endurance and coordination skills of the user. And it is precisely this that practice with the FLEXI-BAR™ will improve. Initial difficulties (within the first 10 training sessions or so) are perfectly normal.

Uses: To achieve an ideal result and a balanced training result, it is important to incorporate all the exercises from the selected training plan. For added emphasis on problem areas, individual exercises can be performed more frequently or more intensely. We recommend that you work out three times a week for 10 minutes with the FLEXI-BAR™. It is important to spend 30-60 seconds on each exercise. All of the exercises simultaneously strengthen the shoulders, the abdomen and the superficial and deep spinal muscles in a balanced manner. In the exercises described below, we indicate in detail which individual muscles are trained.


Women in their third trimester of pregnancy women should not train with the FLEXI-BAR™. Because FLEXI-BAR™ training strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and transverse abdominal muscles, it can inhibit the baby’s descent into the pelvis in preparation for labor. Postpartum recovery training with the FLEXI-BAR™ can be begun shortly after giving birth. If you suffer from illness or high blood pressure, or have acute inflammations - especially in the torso area – you should consult your doctor prior to starting. Children under the age of 15 must be supervised by trained adults. Experienced users should be careful not to cause damage or injury by accidentally letting the swinging ends of the FLEXI-BAR™ to hit something uncontrollably.

The composition of the FLEXI-BAR.
The FLEXI-BAR™ (made in Germany) is a fiberglass rod about 1.50m (nearly 5 feet) long. The cylindrical end pieces and the center handle are composed of allergy-free synthetic material and are attached by means of a special manufacturing process. The FLEXI-BAR™ contains no plasticizers, is sweat resistant, hypoallergenic and to date is the only vibration training device in Germany which has the distinction of receiving the “AGR Seal of Approval" from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Gesunder Rücken e.V.(Healthy Back Association, Inc.) This seal is awarded only to back-friendly products that have successfully demonstrated their effectiveness to an independent test committee composed of both medical and scientific experts.