Sensorimotor skills

This refers to the coordination of various control processes.

Movements which could initially only be realized by engaging the highest level of the brain (cortex), become increasingly automated over time. Inter-muscular coordination, which is to say the interplay of individual muscle groups, is improved. Simultaneously, the agonist and antagonist muscles pairs causing a movement learn to optimize their synergy. As a result, the movement becomes more harmonious, effective and economical.

This advantage is immediately apparent to all athletes, coaches and therapists, and it is a key reason why nearly all Olympic training centers in Europe use the FLEXI-BAR. For someone training for health or non-competitive reasons, the biggest advantage of sensorimotor training is for the prevention of injuries and falls. When sensorimotor skills are refined, the risk of injury and falls is minimized:

Muscle groups that work together in an optimized manner are better able to react in instances of sliding, falling or slipping. This is also one of the reasons why the FLEXI-BAR is incorporated into so many physical therapy and occupational therapy programs in nursing homes.