Energy expenditure during a 30-minute exercise unit with the “FLEXI-BAR” – Pilot Study


Editor: Institute of Medical Physics Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg 

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Deep Penetrating 3-D Training with the FLEXI-BAR

Editor: M. Sc. Phys. (Univ.) Markus D. Gunsch

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New Effective Training and Therapy Concepts:


Editor: M. Sc. Phys. (Univ.) Markus D. Gunsch

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Acute Effects of FLEXI-BAR VS. SHAM-BAR Exercise on Muscle Electromyography Activity and Performance

Editor: Sport and Exercise Science Research Center, Academy of Sport,
FESBE, London South Bank University, London, United Kingdom

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AGR seal of approval

In recognition of the production of back-friendly products the FLEXI-SPORTS® GmbH has been awarded the AGR seal of approval for the FLEXI-BAR and the FLEXI-BAR KIDS.

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