Target groups

Suitable for young, old, beginners and advanced users.

Its various target groups and its wide variety of uses are the main arguments for the FLEXI-BAR. Whether it’s poor posture, weak core muscles, or sensorimotor skills you seek to improve, the FLEXI-BAR has something to motivate anyone. Whether you want to prevent or alleviate back pain, or whether you simply want to improve your overall physical condition as a competitive athlete or as a rehab patient, the solution is the same. With FLEXI-BAR, you can simultaneously improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination, all with the same exercises and all at diverse levels of training.

These exercise routines can all be done in a short workout at home alone or in a group setting at the gym.

This is one of the reasons why about 5000 out of a total of 6500 fitness studios in Germany alone use the authentic FLEXI-BAR. They know that the key to well-attended classes is to not overwhelm beginners while also providing ongoing challenges for trained individuals, and the FLEXI-BAR and its training routines truly deliver on this point.