FLEXI-BAR Training Benefits

FLEXI-BAR finally makes it possible to target and strengthen deep muscle tissue in a simple manner. The vibrations created by the swinging motion of the FLEXI-BAR elicit a unique physical response deep inside the body: a reflexive contraction of the core muscles, something which cannot be done consciously.

Thus, while the swinging motions of the FLEXI-BAR are actively created, they also passively strengthen the core muscles of the body, by engaging the body’s own reaction to the vibrations. Achieving a certain number of oscillations per minute will not only give you a great strength-endurance workout but will also increase your metabolism and heart rate. Thanks to its ability to target the deep-lying muscles of the back, it is also used by physical therapists to address back pain and other back problems.

  • Increases the distance between the vertebrae, which provides more space for the nerves that exit there. Compressed nerves are the most common cause of pain - whether in the cervical spine, thoracic spine or lumbar spine. Referred pain, such as shoulder, elbow and hand pain, can also often be found to have its origins in the spine.
  • Improves transverse abdominal muscle, which is responsible for a shapely waist.
  • An ideal method of targeting the pelvic floor muscles, which improves posture and counteracts incontinence. Also great for getting those muscles back into shape after a pregnancy.
  • With its unique three-dimensional movements, FLEXI-BAR™ is an ideal way to activate the overall network of connective tissue. This creates a tightening and strengthening effect in all layers of the body.
  • Increases overall metabolism, which in turn boosts fat burning and augments the basal metabolic rate.
  • Evens out muscular imbalances, which can alleviate many forms of arthritis and back pain.
  • Improved ability to concentrate.

Active Swinging - Reactive Core Training